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Cupcake Pastry Food

Omg Cakes

Baked treats with a playful twist of flavors and colors

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Crafting unforgettable experiences through food & service

Southern Best Catering

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Chef Fee

Bringing families together one plate at a time

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Crave Life

Swag, wellness, & community



Meet Chef Fee

Celebrity Chef Felicia Guimont, founder of OMG Cakes & Southern Best Catering, LLC, started her culinary journey in 1997 while working at Texas Instruments. Since then, Chef has cultivated a team that is dedicated to her mission of providing 'quality service.

Hailing from Mississippi, Felicia draws on childhood memories and her Aunt Shug's teachings to bring families back to the table with each flavorful meal, embodying a commitment to healing through food.

Beyond the kitchen, Felicia generously supports DFW-area nonprofits, focusing on initiatives aiding the homeless, children, and victims of domestic violence.

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We have worked with...

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  • Center of Empowerment for Families & Youth DFW Live News
  • A New Me: Transparently Abundantly
  • Where are you? Outreach-Homeless by Letitia Owens-501c3
  • Headline Mentors & Performing Arts
  • My Rare Son Isaiah PH Warrior Foundation
  • National Black Chef Association Award Recipient
  • Airells Court Club Volleyball
  • Dreams Really Exist
  • Fort Worth Five Loaves and Two Fish Outreach
  • Caring Compassionate Hearts & Helping Hands, Inc
  • Soul Reborn

+ You

  • Viola House Dallas UTSW SNMA Group Salvation Army -Arlington
  • Fat by Design Dallas ISD Red Oak Athletics
  • Church in the Woods WH Alumni Egypt Chapel
  • Sonya’s House, INC Survivors on Purpose Arlington Fire Department
  • Greater Mount Maria GLAMCOM Portfolio Resident Services
  • Wee Can Academy The Lady Generals Pastor Fred
  • Zerlene Rogers Beauty & Brains National Labor Relations Board
  • Desoto ISD Lancaster ISD FMA Global
  • Target Evolution (Teen Biz Camp Program)* Pro Players Foundation*
  • Brittnay’s Backpack Ministry* Worth It, I am!!-
  • Spending Power* Stir Up The Kingdom Worship Center
  • EMB Chrysalis Foundation (Formerly Total You Unlimited)

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Our Purpose

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Our Values

To blend culinary artistry with community spirit, offering personalized catering, private cooking, and wellness products. Our commitment to quality dining and heartfelt service is dedicated to bringing our community together—one plate at a time."

Bringing more than food to the table—serving our community with genrosity and integrity.


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Our Vision

To bring communities together one plate at a time, fostering a world where every meal becomes a shared celebration of connection and care.